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Day 040: It

What if a force existed to show you your worst fears? What if It could make them real?

A group of children fight an evil that lurks under Derry, Maine. None of the adults believes the stories or can even see the terrifying creature or it’s tricks. It is up to those kids to fight It.
As time passes, the remaining members of the “Losers Club” forget their horrific childhood. For some it is essential even to think that it could not have happened, it was a bad dream.
Mike Hanlon (Tim Reid) remembers. He stayed behind to keep an eye on their home town in case It returns. Now, 30 years later, children are dying once again and he must ask his friends to fulfil the vow they all made so long again. It is once again up to them to destroy It.

Another TVM adaptation of a Stephen King story and for the most part very well done. Both sets of actors, young and old, perform excellently and they are believable. Each character comes across, in their own ways, as a victim of their experiences and even of life itself. Preying on children the entity takes the form of Pennywise the Clown, a wonderfully menace filled performance by Tim Curry.
The only real downside is the lack of imagination used to represent the final version of It.

Things to look out for: Tim Curry is excellent, Early roles for Seth Green and Emily Perkins, lovely chemistry between all the actors, chased by werewolf, each of the gang’s reaction to the news that “It’s back.”, moving pictures in photo album, stained bathroom
Released: 1990
Certificate: 15
Cast: Tim Curry, Annette O’Toole, Tim Reid, John Ritter, Richard Thomas, Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur, (special mention to the young cast – Jonathan Brandis, Brandon Crane, Adam Faraizl, Seth Green, Ben Heller, Emily Perkins, Marlon Taylor)

Part of the Stephen King Collection.

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