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Day 041: The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

How did Ellen Rimbauer end up haunting the Rose Red mansion?

At the turn of the 20th century an oil baron builds a huge mansion for his new bride. But what secrets lie in its creation and what terrors are await the young woman as she lives out her life in Rose Red?

Although included in the Stephen King Collection the story is actually written by Ridley Pearson for both printed and broadcast media. Technically, the film is based on the characters created by Stephen King.
The shorter format, just 85 minutes, allows the story to move more fluidly but as a result perhaps more is left to the audience to decipher. The purpose and motive of Rose Red are there, if you look hard enough. It is a direct prequel of Rose Red, both as an explanation for/of the research by Professor Reardon and the actual events many years before.

Things to look out for: wonderful sets and atmosphere, a house playing with the minds of those around them, understated (as required) performance of Lisa Brenner
Released: 2003
Certificate: 15
Cast: Lisa Brenner, Steven Brand, Tsidii Leloka
Rating: interesting to those that have seen Rose Red, ok

Part of the Stephen King Collection.

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