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Day 053: Logopolis

The Doctor and Adric attempt to fix the TARDIS’s Chameleon Circuit but the Master isn’t far behind and once again the Universe is put in jeopardy.
A worrisome Tegan joining the TARDIS crew accidentally when the Doctor stopped to measure a real police box, they hurry to Logopolis where the best and fastest computational mathematicians can be found.
With an enthralled Nyssa in tow and still following the Doctor, the Master starts the chain of events that lead to massive casualties. Even the Doctor won’t escape unscathed this time.

Lots of mystery in this story with a white clad figure, the Watcher, following and guiding the Doctor and the potential loss of the Universe to Entropy. The chanting Logopians and their apparently barren planet are an imaginative, though short lived, addition to the Doctor ago stable. The manic laughter of the Master as the Doctor’s plans unravel is disturbing. The regeneration into the Fifth Doctor looked painful.

Things to look out for: regeneration, faces of enemies past, chanting mathematics long before Pi by Kate Bush, Tegan utterly lost in the TARDIS, faces of companions past, fair well Tom, hello Peter, nice turn by John Fraser as the Logopian’s Monitor
Released: 2007 (TV release 1981)
Certificate: PG
Cast: Tom Baker, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Anthony Ainley, John Fraser, Peter Davison
Rating: nicely done finally for Tom Baker, recommended

Part of the New Beginnings collection.

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