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Day 054: Castrovalva

After a poor regeneration the Doctor needs to take extreme R&R and uses his Zero Room. Unfortunately, his companions trigger a trap left by the Master and his rest is very short lived indeed.
Avoiding this trap, but losing the precious Zero Room in the process, the Doctor needs to find another way of getting his Zs.
The TARDIS computer suggests Castrovalva, a peaceful planet to Tegan and Nyssa. Alas, they haven’t learnt from the first trap and, yep, this is exactly what the Master ordered!

Lots of time for the companions to strut their stuff in this story but they don’t half make a hash of things! Two of them spring two separate traps and the other, Adric, is held hostage, no actually used to power one of the traps!
There are some lovely concepts in this story but the budget and the effects let these powerful elements down a little. The planet Castrovalva’s recursive, implosive destruction is represented by an odd split screen effect. I can’t remember what I ought of it at the time but it’s a fair bit ineffective now.
Watching Peter Davison imitating some of his predecessors is impressive.
Nice to see the celery again though.

Things to look out for: celery, impressions, the Master, Zero coffin Cabinet, imbecile companions,
Released: 2007 (TV release 1982)
Certificate: PG
Cast: Peter Davison, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Anthony Ainley,
Rating: This is a companions piece really, also allowing more time for the viewer to get to see what Peter Davison is about, recommended but weaker than it’s two predecessors

Part of the New Beginnings collection.

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