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Day 060: Look Who’s Talking Now!

Dogs think in English, apparently.
No mute mutts here, please!
As the family grows they acquire pets. Dogs. And we get to hear exactly what’s going through their minds as we journey through life with Man’s Best Friend.

So it is animals in this one but to be honest it really feels like two films too far. It isn’t a humourless film but the concept is spread so thin that it isn’t an easy movie to like.
Some credit to the editor for putting it together and Diane Keaton and Danny DeVito do their best.

Things to look out for: Finding a new ‘doggie‘ in the wild, umm, there wasn’t a fourth movie, Kirstie Alley dressed as an elf, umm,
Released: 1993
Certificate: 12
Cast: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Danny DeVito, Dianne Keaton
Rating: if you are a huge fan of the original you’ll like this but really not worth rewatching, watch once
Part of the Look Who’s Talking collection.

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