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Day 070: The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Ex-Chief Dreyfus forces a scientist to build a doomsday machine and threatens the world with it.
His demand is simple. He will stop if someone will kill Clouseau.
Surely someone can save the world and kill the bumbling detective?
What triggers another rampage by Dreyfus (Herbert Lom)? Nothing more than Chief Inspector Clouseau‘s attempts to talk on Dreyfus’s behalf at his release hearing. Clouseau (Peter Sellers) accidents drive the man mad once more.
As the doomsday machine is tested and Dreyfus proves his capabilities, hired and government assasins start to try to kill Clouseau. As the bodies mount up Clouseau continues his investigation into the disappearance of the scientist (Richard Vernon).

This installment in the Pink Panther series is still a very funny, very strong piece of cinema.
Essentially it is a sort of inverted Thunderball. Very well mastered plot with the ludicrous doomsday weapon allow Sellers and Lom to put in a comic performances that remains with the viewer for some time. The dentistry scene by itself is masterful and Clouseau’s attempts to get into the castle are hysterical.
Things to look out for: Kato continuing the random assaults on his employer, various assassins failing to kill Clouseau, identity confusion with Olga, dentistry and gas, “that, is not my dog”
Released: 1976
Certificate: PG
Cast: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Lesley-Anne Down, André Maranne, Burt Kwouk, Leonard Rossiter
Rating: some very special moments, nonsense plot does not matter, highly recommended

Part of the Pink Panther collection

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