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Day 072: Trail of the Pink Panther

Clouseau is missing and a journalist takes it upon herself to investigate.
Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) deliberately sends Clouseau (Peter Sellers) into a trap.
When he disappears as a result journalist Marie Jouvet (Joanna Lumley) investigates.
She meets many of those that have had run-ins with the bumbling detective.

As each character relates their experiences of the detective the audience is allowed to see outtakes and unused scenes from the first four films.
This works ok but the movie caused controversy when the makers were successfully sued for demeaning Sellers’ name.
This is meant as a tribute to the huge talents of the late Peter Sellers and does well enough in that respect.
It isn’t that bad a movie, if you take it at face value. It even has a follow up (Curse of the Pink Panther) but that is ignored by many collections and film fans.
Most seem to prefer the enigmatic “seagull” ending.
As do I.

Things to look out for: nice chance to see clips and cuttings of Sellers is action, lots of ‘fake’ tributes to / interviews about the missing detective
Released: 1982
Certificate: PG
Cast: Joanna Lumley, David Niven, Capucine, Herbert Lom, Robert Loggia, Burt Kwouk, Peter Sellers (archive)
Rating: gods enough tribute but still flawed, recommended
Part of the Pink Panther collection

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