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Day 074: The Sixth Sense


“| see dead people.”

The horrifying and unbelievable statement from the young boy Cole (Haley Joel Osment) to child psychologist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis).
Crowe’s initial reacion is to put Cole’s statement down to a hallucinations. The more he gets to know the boy the more he recognises the same symptoms as with a previous patient. That relationship did not end well with the boy, now a young adult, still unable to come to terms with the hallucinations, shotting both Crowe and himself at Crowes home.
Crowe sees Cole as a way of redeeming himself. Saving them both. But first he has to accept the impossible and even then perhaps accept everyones greatest fear.

If Signs is a big “wow” movie, this is the next step up. Another, earlier, M Night Shyamalan penned and directed piece of cinema magic. His nuanced clues and touches can be seen throughout the movie, though probably only after the second viewing. There is a chilling heart to the movie, disturbing even. Although some positive, nearly feel-good, elements near the end draw the viewer to a more positive outcome this movie is without doubt masterfully grim.
Again, a Shyamalan trademark of getting excellent performances out of children shows with the stunning Halley Joel Osment. Willis and Osment though each play off two beautiful (in more ways than one) performances by Olivia Williams (playing Crowe’s wife) and Toni Collette (playing Cole’s mother). They lend a grounding an tear at the heart so hard. These two are what really make the movie hard for some to watch and bring honest, sad tears to the eyes of the audience.

Things to look out for: Too easy to give away the plot here so just a few things, the tagline, ladybug, kitchen draws, tent, seriously one sided converations, tape recordings
Released: 1999
Certificate: 15
Cast: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams,
Rating: heart rending stuff, if you don’t know the story this is a powerful movie, gives me the creeps and thus very highly recommended

Part of the M Night Shyamalan collection

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