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Day 075: Unbreakable

David Dunn is the sole survivor of a horrific train crash that leaves over one hundred dead.
Not only does he survive but he is miraculously unharmed, not even a scratch.
This is only the beginning. Dunn (Bruce Willis) has been restless for a number of years. His marriage is on the brink of failure – indeed he is looking for jobs further afield to move out and away. But perhaps his restlessness is more to do with finding meaning to his life?
A bizarre meeting with comic fanatic Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) makes Dunn wonder whether he is, truely “unbreakable”.

As this movie unfolds, in typical M. night Shyamalan style, we get some nice back stories to the two leads. Inparticular “Mr Glass” – Elijah. The substory with Dunn’s family breakdown is intigral to how his decision making and this lends such a strong grounding to an otherwise distant and enigmatic character. A character that is unknown to himself is essentially unknown to the audience.
However, Shyamalan brings the story together and once again gets the children in the piece to really shine.
Spencer Treat Clark is a wonderful strained child for the Dunns. He acts as a catalyst is several scenes and his boyish wonder around his father obviously precedes the events following the train crash.
The other wonderful, heartrending, child performance is by Johnny Hiram Jamison, playing the young Elijah. This performance must not be underestimated. This lends a subtlety to Elijah and a level of sympathy that is unusual for villans in Sci-Fi, Supernatural thrillers.

Things to look out for: Water, Elijah’s childhood, yet another car crash in a Shyamalan movie, child with a gun, brittle bones, “When was the last time I was sick?”, “You are a very strange man.”, weight lifting
Released: 2000
Certificate: 12
Cast: Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Wright, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard, Johnny Hiram Jamison
Rating: unusual movie, subtle played at time, highly recommended
Part of the M Night Shyamalan collection

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