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Day 081: Back to the Future II

Marty and Doc are back and this time they are not the only time travellers!
Marty (Michael J Fox) is only just realising all the changes his first adventure in time made to his present when Doc (Christopher Lloyd) reappears and says Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) and Marty must come with him immediately; something must be done about their kids.
So the threesome travel to 2015. But seeing a future full of disaster for their family, they somehow manage to make it all worse.
When Biff (Thomas F Wilson) borrows the DeLorean (which can travel more often now it is powered by a Mr Fusion engine, oh – and flies) and takes a Sports Almanac to his 1955 self a series of events, and yet more time travel, are put into effect that turn the whole town into a living nightmare.
For everyone’s sake, Marty must once again travel back to 1955.

There are some interesting concepts in this movie, that follows on from the original, even overlapping slightly.
The humour is significantly more obvious, telegraphed a little and the reliance on “age effect” makeup, though done well enough, is over done. Seeing three time periods adds to the feeling that the time travel thing should never have been tried and is now getting out if hand. Each change requiring a large, more fundemental change to rectify it.
Filmed at the same time as the third film it should have not been too difficult to prevent this movie feeling rushed, but the sequences aren’t quite long enough to get fully involved. The time spent in 2015 is just about long enough to really get the point across but 1985 and 1955 feel rushed.
It could be deliberate, of course. Perhaps they are trying to show the haste that is now required to try and fix things.
Having said all that the movie is well made and is funny. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd play well together, that’s obvious by now, and Elisabeth Shue feels a better choice for Jennifer than Claudia Wells. Thomas F Wilson again is excellent as Biff but throws in Griff too for good measure.
There are far more special effects in this one, mainly because of the future them and the same actors playing several roles at the same time. Or at least different versions/ages of the same characters. Some of the effects really work well though and this vision of a now rapidly approaching future is welcome and at least thought out, if not complete. To think, this is set just four years before the setting for Blade Runner!

Things to look out for: hoverboards, multiple versions of the same characters, 2015, Jennifer meeting herself, rejuvinated Doc, flying DeLorean, “chicken“, “Back to the future!“, Jaws 19, Look out for a very young Elijah Wood, nice “ending”
Released: 1989
Certificate: PG
Cast: Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Elisabeth Shoe, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson
Rating: Don’t really know, not as good as it could have been but still a good movie, recommended
Part of the Back to the Future trilogy:


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