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Day 091: Red Sonja

Family slain and raped by the army of evil Queen Gedren, a young woman – Red Sonja dedicates herself to learning the skills she will need to extract her revenge.

Day 090: Raw Deal

Here’s the deal. Infiltrate the mob that are responsible for the deaths of dozens of police officers and bring them down. Alas, without sanction support or acknowledgement of the FBI or anyone else. Do this and you’ve a chance to get your old job back at the FBI. Get caught, you’re on your own. That’s … Continue reading

Day 089: Red Heat

When the extradition of a Russian drugs dealer and murder goes wrong, a Soviet policeman and Chicago cop must join forces to recapture the criminal and bring him to justice.

Day 088: Total Recall

A construction worker dreams of a more action packed, exciting life. He tries to get a “virtual” holiday to Mars but then things unravel and it appears he has a history. As a spy, an assassin.

Day 87: Gladiator

Strength and Honour! A successful Spanish general in the Roman Army finds himself promoted to emperor and then betrayed in quick succession. With his family slain, the captured and enslaved warrior must find the strength and purpose to live. A desire for revenge is all that keeps him going as his immense skills carry him … Continue reading