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Day 088: Total Recall

A construction worker dreams of a more action packed, exciting life. He tries to get a “virtual” holiday to Mars but then things unravel and it appears he has a history.
As a spy, an assassin.
Doug Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) find himself chased by corporate thugs determined to kill him as he tries to track his past and piece together what is real and what is implanted memory.
His wife, Lori (Sharon Stone) struggles to talk her husband through what she says is a paranoid delusion. But can it be that she is part of a wider conspiracy?

Good sci-fi action flick but criticised for moving from the original short story (Philip K. Dick‘s “We can remember it for you Wholesale“) but, as with other impure Dick adaptations, this is an ok attempt.
What really lets this movie down is the absolutely appalling science. Ignoring well founded science fact is unforgivable without explaining the methodology or reasoning. Another issue the movie has is the wall-to-wall violence. There is hardly a scene that doesn’t descend into some bloodbath or another.
Still, it can be watched, there is humour and if you can suspend a lot of belief and like sci-fi nonsense it can even be enjoyed.
Adult content.

Things to look out for: x-ray machine, “Consider that a divorce!“, sweat, maniac Johnny Cab, a sexy performance from Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside is always watchable
Released: 1990
Certificate: 18
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox, Rachel Ticotin
Rating: silly stuff in places but humourous and watchable action click, OK
Part of the Schwarzenegger Collection.

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One thought on “Day 088: Total Recall

  1. One of my favorite childhood movies. This and RoboCop (edited for TV versions) I’ve got the dvds now, and was surprised at the level of violence and swearing in both of them. Not really shows for kids. Still love ’em though for when I’m in the mood for cheesy action goodness.

    Posted by kayennepeppa | 2012/04/09, 4:45 pm

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