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Day 089: Red Heat

When the extradition of a Russian drugs dealer and murder goes wrong, a Soviet policeman and Chicago cop must join forces to recapture the criminal and bring him to justice.
Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Ridzik (James Belushi) are two cops who have had their partners killed by the same man, Rostavili (Ed O’Ross).
But with both the Russian and Chicago gangs against them this is not going to be an easy takedown.

Violent thriller with an edge of humour, Red Heat is a hard movie to love. It is gritty and it has an unusual slant but somehow doesn’t quite pull it off.
It seriously isn’t helped by the utterly gratuitous suana scene at the beginning. Guess if the ladies are interested there’s a lot of buffed up male bods there.
Belushi does his best to inject the humour and technically the story should work.
Alas, it dosn’t but I struggle to place the blame. The sound effects are dire, the music intrusive perhaps that’s all that is really wrong here. Perhaps I’m being unfair?
It’s a okay action movie.
The movie ends with a dedication to Bennie Dobbins, the stuntman who died during filming. This is superimposed over Arnold Schwarzenegger saluting – nice touch.
Violent with gratuitous nudity.

Things to look out for: A lot of bodybuilders, “Larry” Fishburne in an early role, feed the parakeet, a lot of violence, Ed O’Ross is an excellent – viscious even villain, really small role for Bryon James, playing “chicken” with buses, “I give up, this whole thing’s very Russian.
Released: 1988
Certificate: 18
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Belushi, Ed O’Ross, Gina Gershon, Laurence Fishburne
Rating: passable action movie, very 80’s, OK
Part of the Schwarzenegger Collection.

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