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Day 090: Raw Deal

Here’s the deal. Infiltrate the mob that are responsible for the deaths of dozens of police officers and bring them down. Alas, without sanction support or acknowledgement of the FBI or anyone else.
Do this and you’ve a chance to get your old job back at the FBI.
Get caught, you’re on your own. That’s the Raw Deal.

Busted down local Sheriff after he’s forced out of the FBI, Mark Kaminski (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is offered a way out when contacted by an old friend and senior officer in the FBI, Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin). Shannon’s son has been killed by a gangster Petrovita (Sam Wanamaker).
Taking the job on, killing his old identy first, Kaminski becomes “Joseph Brenner“.
Off to Chicago and a life of crime in the hope of bringing down the people at the very top of the mobster families.

Pretty well writen crime thriller with a heavy slant on violence. If you watch this and think it’s a rip off of another story, that’s understandable. the plot is almost identical to “Licence to Kill“, the James Bond movie staring Timothy Dalton. They both even have Robert Davi in them as prominent villains.
But you’d be wrong. Raw Deal pre-dates Licence to Kill by a full three years.
Some of the characters a little over stereotyped but the movie is enjoyable and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
I like seeing Darren McGavin in a proper movie. I was a big fan of the re-runs of Kolchak.
I like the movie. it seems to fit together well. Much better movie than Red Heat which was made two years later.

Things to look out for:Come on Deputy Dawg.“, Darren McGavin, “You should not drink and bake.“, Motorbike chased by jeep through a lumber yard, Kathryn Harrold, some decent one liners, Sam Wanamaker
Released: 1986
Certificate: 18
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Wanamaker, Darren McGavin, Kathryn Harrold,
Rating: not bad action thriller, a decent watch, okay
Part of the Schwarzenegger Collection.

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