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Google Update Chrome. Again.

Well, dunno about you but this is really bugging me now. Build 1025.152 roles across the ether.
Details here.

Chrome got its third transparent update in as many weeks today. The update is between 13MB and 26MB in size and just arrives.
Now for the individual, that is a minor inconvenience. Hell, if you compare that to the last Batman Arkham City lockdown update (962MB) it’s minuscule. For an large organisation though, 26MB per user – that’s a potential disaster.
And that’s the third update in three weeks. Perhaps for some organisations that means many many Gigabytes of data in just a few hours.

But perhaps we’re all saved!
So Google have devised a mechanism that will help.
Administrators can bunch their users into ‘organisational‘ sections and role out Chrome for Businesses. Have a look here.
You can then lock Chrome from updating until you wish and then pick an appropriate update that looks important and control the role out themselves.
But this means taking the MSI provided by Google – much bigger than the incremental update.
So even more care is required. Oh, and you have to keep track of the MSIs yourself as Google won’t don’t.
Why can’t life, IT be simple?
–oh and this update may introduce another problem that Google are working on, love it–

Chrome has many good points, as does Google itself. But I get so frustrated.
Incremental updates. Yet another bright idea, yet I can’t bring myself to love something that happens in the background, unasked for.
Guess I’ll just have to get on and work this out. Hopefully I’ll get the Chrome for Business working effectively.
Gripe over.
For now…

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