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Day 093: The Cable Guy

A lonely Cable installation engineer latches onto a recently separated man as a true “Buddy”.
But when his new found friend finds the Cable Guy suffocating, scary even, he finds it harder than he thought to rid himself of the barnacle-like maniac.
As Steven (Matthew Broderick) tries to win back his girlfriend Robin (Leslie Mann) he must contend with the pecular behaviour and help of Chip (Jim Carrey), the man who came to install his new Cable service.
Always wanting to spend time with Steven, Chip becomes obsessed and fanatical about their relationship and a series of bizarre episodes ensue.

Both Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick do what they do best here, with Carrey almost drawing blood as the desparate to be loved and utter creepy Cable Guy. Broderick is superb as his victim and the slapstick and odd humour combine throughout the movie to good effect. The movie does take a few liberties with the audience and a little suspension of belief is required but this doen’t detract too much from the overall effect. Most of these moment are with the support cast and their acceptance of Chip rather than Steven.
There is a good supporting cast though with George Segal, Jack Black, Owen Wilson and even Diane Baker in the mix.
The first time I watched this movie I failed to like it but over the years it has grown on me; I guess I appreciate the effort put in by Carrey that little bit more too.

Things to look out for: Medievel Times, “There weren’t any utensils but there was Pepsi?“, jousting, unnerving performance of Jim Carrey, the parallel TV plot of the murder trial (Ben Stiller cameo), nipple in prison, Owen Wilson cameo, “Free Cable is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”, final scene in helicopter
Released: 1996
Certificate: 12
Cast: Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann, Jack Black
Rating: funny and creepy take on the buddy – buddy not–buddy movie, Recommended

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