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Day 098: Thunderball

The stakes are high for Bond as the world is held to ransom by SPECTRE. Two nuclear warheads have been stolen by the organised crime group and they threaten to target a US or UK city if they don’t receive $100,000,000 in diamonds
All Double Os are brought on the case, but can Bond find that all important clue to where the bombs are hidden?
James Bond (Sean Connery) thinks the way through this mystery is to track the sister of a missing NATO pilot, Derval (Paul Stassino). Bond insists that he saw Derval dead before the fateful NATO mission that lost the bombs, even though Derval is known to have boarded the plane.
Trusting his main agent, M (Bernard Lee) sends Bond to the Bahamas, to investigate Derval’s sister Domino (Claudine Auger).

Water based adventure for Bond gives a lovely series of adventures. Unlike many other superspy movies this one has a very limited set of locations. Really the main bulk of the movie takes place in the Bahamas with a few introduction scenes in a retreat and such.
Sean Connery’s Bond is excellent as ever and Largo (Aldolfo Celi) and Fiona (Luciana Paluzzi) are suitably stubborn adversaries. Although the locations are limited the actions is well produced and allows you to trust what is going on better. This is a stronger character piece than many Bond movies as a result of this. Domino, Angelo, Fargo, Fiona even Count Lippi (Guy Doleman) are well enough drawn characters.
The open sequence with “JB” funeral is a little below par, until the jet pack is produced. Indeed the entire sequence feels like it was shoehorned in when the producers/director got hold of the jet pack idea.
Still, for all of these criticisms the movie works as a piece of entertainment and the gadgets, action and of course those Bond girls all work well. I guess we were all spoilt by Goldfinger.
The DVD version I have has very poor audio quality in the first sequence which is really odd but has some decent documentaries on the making of the movie.

Things to look out for: Claudine Auger is pretty sexy throughout, “I think he got the point.”, jet pack is pretty cool – especially as it was real, “See you later, irrigator.“, brilliant underwater battles, those classic one liners, motorbike rockets
Released: 1965
Certificate: PG
Cast: Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Aldolfo Celi, Luciana Paluzzi, Paul Stassino, Guy Doleman
Rating: Decent Bond movie and a favourite of some for the better drawn characters, recommended

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