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Day 100: Hercules in New York

Hercules is banished from Mt Olympus because of his lack of respect and disobedience. He finds his way to New York and soon finds modern life is more complicated than he’d imagined.

Zeus (Ernest Graves) is immediately (yes immediately) forced to send a trawler to rescue Hercules (Arnold Strong) as the brattish demigod is put in danger of drowning by his explosive expulsion.
On the resultant voyage Hercules’ petulance and many misunderstandings due to language and modern parlance lead to the first of many scrapes with 20th Century citizens. His guide through all this turns out to be a NY local called Pretzie (Arnold Stang), he sells pretzels see, but it only gets harder for the muscle-bound son of Zeus.
It can only get worse when his father sends more gods to bring him back to Mt Olympus, or at least teach him a lesson.

What an odd movie.
After 100 movies I thought it time to throw in a real pig of a movie. Should have been drown as a piglet too.
Hercules is obviously and famously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger under that odd pseudonym.
If you ever wondered why Arnie has so little dialogue in some of his other movies, this will show you why that could have been a shrewd career move.
Acting and Arnie aside, still this is a dire piece of cinema. Traffic noise can be heard on Mt Olympus. The ‘punch’ sound effects are reminiscent of that noise old cushions make as you sit in them. Zeus’ lightning bolt was bought at a local beach toy store. The music pains the ears, which at lead distracts you from the dialogue and and even the “action” on screen.
Venus (Erica Fitz)? Firstly, the god of love an beauty is the least alluring of the (sparse) goddesses on show here. But, really I’m a bit confused as to why the Roman god is on Mt Olympus with Zeus?
But even taking into account the movie has its tongue in its mouth, it’s hardly watchable.
What on earth was James Karen doing getting involved in this movie?
And if you think you recognise Arnold Stang, alas you probably don’t but you may recognise his voice – he was the voice Top Cat!
Worst movie ever? No, but it was a strong contender for a long, long time.

PS: this is a two for one offer too! My friend, Stepurhan, wrote a review of this movie too so I’ll post that as well. He goes into far more detail on the movie so it’s worth reading!

Things to look out for: Arnie’s original dialogue (dubbed over on original release), some bizarre dialogue, weird little Pretzie, an ugly Aphrodite Venus, Zeus’ lightning bolt, a chariot,
Released: 1969
Certificate: PG
Cast: Arnold Strong, Arnold Stang, Ernest Graves, James Karen
Rating: messy and dire movie, the £1 price tag over values this movie, very very poor, avoid


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