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Day 102: 102 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil is cured!
What’s more she wants to work with animals.
What can go wrong with her experimental and controversial treatment?

Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) finds herself released into the care of parole officer Chloe (Alice Evans) after a bizarre cure invented by Dr Pavlov (David Horovitch).
Unfortunately, the cure has a flaw. If the recipient here a loud chimes from the Palace of Westminster (London) they revert immediately to their old ways.
As Chloe’s office is within range of the sound of Big Ben, De Vil is soon back to her normal self.
Trouble then. When she realises that her parole conditions also give her the ideal patsy, local dog home owner Kevin (Ioan Gruffudd) a plot is hatch to give her the ultimate dalmatian coat.
This time – with a hood!

This is a fun, family movie. The style is nearly make the whole thing feel like an adventure for Kevin (and the dalmatians to a smaller extent) as he meets a potential girlfriend, fights off an evil baddy, and protects his colleagues and dependents.
Of course, those dependents are the dogs of his pound.
What stops this from being a great family movie is the excessive use of CGI. Everywhere you look there’s another CGI puppy. It’s done well enough for the time but is still obvious.
Another issue is that old children might did it talks down to the audience a little too much. A bit like “watch with mother” does Dalmatians. Still, it does not destroy the movie it merely lessens its effect.
Some of the slapstick and escapades are done terrifically well. The final sequence for Cruella is the stand out of these.
What steals the show completely though is Tim McInnerny‘s Alfonso! His performance seriously outclasses everyone else.

Things to look out for: balancing on a ledge, spots – spots everywhere!, parrot that thinks its a dog, fake spots, setting up a dog lover, De Vil’s food cake?
Released: 2000
Certificate: U
Cast: Glenn Close, Ioan Gruffudd, Gérard Depardieu, Alice Evans, Tim McInnerny,
Rating: ok, cute enough, okay

So there you go on day 102!
Did you spot what I did there?

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