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Day 121: Doctor Who: The Five Doctors

Various incarnations of The Doctor are drawn to Gallifrey. But why?
Unfortunately the Forth Doctor (Tom Baker) is stuck in a Time Vortex. But the other Doctors, First (Richard Hurndall), Second (Patrick Troughton), Third (John Pertwee) and Fifth (Peter Davison) find themselves transported, with companions, to the Gallifrey Death Zone.
The Death Zone has been populated with The Doctors’ enemies and the must first find a way through. Then they can set about understanding why they have been brought there.
The High Council are forced to ask for help from the only person skilled enough to see his way through, The Master (Anthony Ainley).
But will any of the Doctors believe him?

Ah! More memories of my wasted youth! Whether a TVM or a episodic story doesn’t matter, still nice to watch.
Any story with so many Time Lords is going to hopefully open our eyes to some of the history of this powerful, if flawed, race.
Nice story, decent plot devices but the forced rewrites show a few cracks. Tom Baker refused to take part so is only shown from unused archive footage.
The passing of William Hartnell led to the recasting of the First Doctor so that was understandable. Obviously, with such a short time since he left the show, Tom Baker was going to be the most difficult to convince.
Oddly not a lot to write about on this one – really is a watch and appreciate kind of thing.
Seeing more than one Doctor is always a treat and I doubt this will be repeated in the modern era.

Things to look out for: the Doctors meeting each other, “I’m allowed everywhere!“, The Master trying to be the good guy, “What makes you think I want your forgiveness?“, Romana (Lalla Ward), “I don’t like it.“, Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen), “You attract trouble, Doctor.“, multiple TARDIS’s disappearing, “EXTERMATE!“, the cost of immortality, “…such a wonderful sense of humour.“, a new President of the High Council, “I’m certainly not the man I was.
Released: 1983
Certificate: PG
Cast: Peter Davison, Anthony Ainley, John Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, Richard Hurndall, Elisabeth Sladen, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Nicholas Courtney, Philip Latham
Rating: unusual and unique story, recommended

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