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Review: 100 Floors (iOS)

Here’s an interesting twist on the old puzzle game format.
The concept is simple enough. You’re presented with an elevator (or lift if you prefer). Alas, to rise to the next floor (read: level) you’ll need to over come some obstacle or another. Puzzles.

Game Play:

Almost every possible interaction is used in this game. Swipes, shakes, taps, tilt and even a few surprises.
Many puzzles require you to first “pick up” an object and then figure out how and where to use it.


The range of puzzles is matched by the various difficulty levels. Some are almost trivial with on screen hints pointing the way. Most need some application of thought, all well and good. Some are fiendishly difficult.
Indeed, and to my shame, two defeated me completely.
Can you say “cheat“? I can.


The game has a companion App, by the same developer, that is supposed to guide you thru he game if you need extra help. Normally I’d recommend the official walkthru’s as they tend to guide rather than tell you how to solve the puzzles. But the reviews indicate that this one tells you the answer plus it isn’t complete.
Luckily, there is already a huge mass of cheats an walkthru’s on the web for the game if you get stuck so don’t worry, though I’d advise caution as the whole point is to challenge the old thinking muscle.


Challenging and interesting puzzle game that requires the occasional piece of lateral thinking.
I’ve completed the floors available so far and although it isn’t going to be a long lasting game, or one you’ll come back to again and again, it is enjoyable and passes the time well.
Bizarrely placed in the ‘Adventure‘ section on App Store.
Recommend, though only 80 floors are complete at time of writing.


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