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Review: Flow (iOS)

Like casual puzzle games?
Here’s another worth a look. Get ready to go with the Flow
Like all casual games the concept of Flow is very simple. All you have to do is join pairs of coloured dots. The main two rules are the paths must not cross and, interestingly your paths must use every cell in the map.
That last option adds significant complexity to either otherwise simple maps as well as increasing the difficulty of already mind bending puzzles.

Value for money:

Well it’s free so you can’t get better than that. The install includes 150 iPhone levels and a further 150 iPad levels. The iPhone 4S seems perfectly happy playing the iPad levels too. So a whopping 300 levels for free is excellent value.


The early levels will not challenge anyone. Indeed, most people will probably find themselves completing the iPhone pack relatively quickly.
However, the larger maps larger than 10×10 increase the challenge is more impressive. Some puzzles almost solve themselves but the odd one really provides an opportunity to stretch your logic skills.

In App purchases:

Even then there are another three packs each containing 150 levels and each costing £0.69.
Again, excellent value.


So a total of 750 levels for a layout of £2.07. Pretty good. I would expect that most commuters would get a few weeks. Not a huge amount of time but excellent value and about what people look for out of a casual game. Other casual games take more thought and time to complete.


All very low resolution to make this page quick to load.

Nice style 300 start levels
20120713-084427.jpg 20120713-084438.jpg
450 more levels! Levels groups by size
20120713-084449.jpg 20120713-084458.jpg
Just join the dots… …But you must pass through every space as you do!
20120713-084514.jpg 20120713-084526.jpg


Excellent concept, nice on the eye. The game is easy to pick up and play and the ultimate in casual quick game play.

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