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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 2: Score

Apple’s free Christmas gifts continue… this time with an App.
The second gift is a game from First Touch Games called Score.

It’s a simple football (soccer) game with just a few touches in each level as you try to replicate famous goals from tournaments of the past.
Each level tells you how to score the goal,
Simply strike the ball on the given line.

You can miss. Your strike can be saved. Your strike can even be intercepted.

20121227-152031.jpg 20121227-152052.jpg 20121227-152101.jpg 20121227-152116.jpg 20121227-152124.jpg 20121227-152132.jpg

It’s a well constructed game, falling into the ‘Casual‘ bracket as well as, obviously, Sports. Certainly the early stages are very simple best getting the top mark for each is actually very difficult even in very simple scenarios.

Better, nice simple game but reasonable alternative to the ‘penalty shootout’ idea…

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