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Good review, I was going to skip the movie but I will seek it out now.
The acting talents in show are unquestionable it was simply my lack of interest in watching another American History film.
I hope I enjoy it as much as this reviewer.

Lincoln-2012-Movie-PosterSome of the best working directors tend to make a film every few years to further ensure they produce the best they have. Along these lines, Daniel Day-Lewis similarly takes on a role just every few years and rarely makes a movie twice in the same year. His commitment to the character and need for the right project are just a couple of the reasons for his long hiatus’ in between projects. Fortunately we have been graced with a Daniel Day-Lewis project this year and not surprisingly he has once again blown our minds.

Steven Spielberg is the director at the helm for the epic film, Lincoln focusing on the 16th president. The story focuses on the push to pass the 13th amendment to end slavery which ultimately would end the civil war. The war is in it’s 4th year and is exhausting the country of all it’s fine men…

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