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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5: Ed Sheeran EP

Apple’s free Christmas gifts continue… this time we’re back to music.
The fifth gift is an EP from Ed Sheeran.

The EP is probably very welcome to fans and perhaps will even generate some more fans for the lad for Halifax.

The most intriguing aspect is that it is a live album. Recordings of three tracks played at the iTunes Festival 2012. But even that can be a positive, if you already have the tracks from the studio album these would be a refreshing alternative.

Again I’m extremely disappointed with people marking down the gift because of their personal greed for Apps and such.
One person gave one star on iTunes because they are deaf an an album is of little use to them. Understandable but these are free. Rather than affect the rating on what is someone’s livelihood perhaps tell Apple?

Three tracks from the popular young British singer/songwriter:

  1. Drink (LIVE)
  2. Small Bump (LIVE)
  3. The City (LIVE)

New music not in my collection so will give it a go…

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