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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6: Sonic Jump

Apple’s free Christmas gifts continue… this time with an App.
The sixth gift (half way now) is a game from Sega called Sonic Jump.

It’s a simple game , Sonic bounces on platforms to gain height, picking up rings as he goes.
Sonic bounces on his own but you angle the device to guide him towards platforms or rings and away from enemies.

Lots of elements of the traditional Sega Sonic games are included and the game is quick and fun to play.

20121231-081315.jpg 20121231-081325.jpg 20121231-081350.jpg 20121231-081359.jpg 20121231-081418.jpg
20121231-081438.jpg 20121231-081426.jpg 20121231-081448.jpg 20121231-081457.jpg 20121231-081507.jpg

It’s a well constructed game, falling into the ‘Casual‘ bracket as well as Arcade. Certainly the early stages are very simple best getting the top mark for each is actually very difficult even in very simple scenarios. You have to be poking up a lot of rings and missing all the enemies.
As can be seen from the screenshots, there are enough modes and twists to keep most arcade gamers happy.

Simple game but fun and enjoyable to play…

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