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Apple iOS issues with ‘do not disturb’

It appears that we have an issue with iOS 6.

  • Do Not Disturb


Do Not Disturb:

This is by far the best feature of iOS 6.
It allows you to set the phone in a sort of ‘meeting‘ mode, disabling all the notifications except alarms or calls from your designated VIPs.
It has a really handy feature whereby you can set automatic on/off times, so you can get a good nights sleep even if your best buddy is still sending reminders on Words With Friends.
Unfortunately, with the advent of 2013 the automatic ‘off’ part of DnD became broken. The device simply stays in DnD mode and you’ll not get notifications of texts, calls or game updates. Not missed calls etc.; if someone calls your phone it simply won’t ring or light up. Nothing.
Obviously the lack of notification on calls is the biggy. There is less of a problem explaining to your boss (or Mom) that the phone is broken and you didn’t know they’d called. Try explaining to them that they aren’t on your VIP list!


Apple state that the issue will self-fix on the 8th of January. But a lack of bug-fix is a typical reaction from Apple who very rarely break their update cycle. However, this is the third time related bug in recent years and some are pointing out that Apples user support (timeliness of bug fixes for example) is looking very shoddy.
When DST in the US was moved and the change incorporated into iOS a few years back an error occurred in iPhones outside the US that took over a month to fix. This left owners with no option but to disable all alarms.
Yes, the iOS devices are lovely to use and most of the environment and ecology around them is unsurpassed but Apple have to start looking at the support model with fresh eyes. They look complacent and disinterested in their loyal users.


At least alarms were never affected so your morning wake up will still go off.
You can still disable DnD via the Settings menu. Each morning. Every morning. Until the 8th of January…

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