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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 10: The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy

Apple’s free Christmas gifts continue… now we get our third App.
The tenth gift is a cookbook from ditter.projektagentur called The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy.

It’s an excellent idea , show step by step instruction for recipes combined with staged photos of what’s going on at that time in the process – if you’re doing it right.
The photos are excellent quality and the recipes intriguing. There isn’t a vast range of choices (categories) but it is varied enough to prevent guests (or even your partner) getting bored with the rotations. If this was your sole source of inspiration.

The recipes are split into four sections:

  • Quick & Easy
  • Italian
  • Asian
  • Baking

As the title of the App implies only the Quick & Easy section is included for free with the 12 Days download. But this is still an impress number of recipes and samples from every other section are included.
Indeed, samples from each sub-category. Each main section is split into logical sections itself (meat, fish, veggie, dessert in the case of Q&E). To clarify, some Italian, Asian and Baking recipes are also included so you can make a full menu from those too with no further purchase – if you wished.
The layout is well constructed and very easy to follow. The search feature lets you look for specific ingredients or methods used in the recipes (tomato, grilled etc.)
Tap any ingredient‘s picture and a note about that item will come up. Note only telling you how it is normally prepared and any cultural significance but also, and impressively, how it is referred to in several languages or regions.

20130104-082510.jpg 20130104-082519.jpg 20130104-082530.jpg 20130104-082540.jpg
20130104-082549.jpg 20130104-083314.jpg 20130104-083702.jpg 20130104-083713.jpg

Each of the extra sections provides 60 new recipes and at £1.99 are superb value. If foods your thing the extra £6 won’t bother you.

Well rounded product, well constructed and easy to use…

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