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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 12: Shark Dash

Apple’s free Christmas gifts come to a conclusion… this time with an App.
The final gift is a game from Gameloft called Shark Dash.

Curious. This is definitely Angry Birds but with Sharks and Rubber Ducks instead of Birds and Pigs.
The idea is to get the shark to jump (by pulling back on him…) in such a way as to complete the given task.

20130106-160046.jpg 20130106-160054.jpg 20130106-160108.jpg 20130106-160118.jpg
20130106-160134.jpg 20130106-160140.jpg 20130106-160154.jpg 20130106-160204.jpg

It’s a well constructed game, falling into the ‘Casual‘ bracket.
The game is very good and quirky but just too similar to Angry Birds for my liking.
Even the cut scenes are about Rubber Ducks sharknapping (instead of eggnapping) your girlfriend. All so familiar.
There are some nice elements. There are three gold stars or achievements on each level: getting all the ducks, getting them in the required number of shots (jumps) and getting all the stars.
There’s objects you can bounce and interact with and the game is based in a bath!
The game is cute, quick and fun to play.

Feels like a copy of that oh-so-popular game but still an enjoyable. Indeed, it feels a bit like you’ve been given Angry Birds free at times…
Very fun game…

I’ll follow up with a review and discussion on all the gifts soon…

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