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365 days: a failure

Well, January 1st 2012 saw me attempt to review one movie every day.
It didn’t go so well, to be honest…

It was ambitious. A full review of 365 movies in a year.
Whilst keeping up my work, family, home and training commitments it actually proved impossible.

Having got 125 days in with many delays, stalls and pauses I eventually got to a point where I had I call it a day.

Having said that, I have now reordered my entire DVD collection into alphabetical order.

What I now plan to do is watch them in order!


The idea being I can write a micro report on each as I do. If I’ve already reviewed it I’ll link to the original review.

Will I ever get to ‘Z‘?
History would imply that it’s unlikely.
But I’ll give it a go.


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