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New Facebook for iOS adds easier Privacy and Smileys

New Facebook app is a minor tweak, to be honest.
But it does add two nice features.


Well, that is actually doing them an injustice. Yes, there are the HAPPY, SAD, TIRED etc. motifs but also you can explain a little about what you are doing.
Adjectives are available!
So far we have:

  • Feeling
  • Reading
  • Watching
  • Listening to
  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Playing

Not a bad collection. These link to the associated Pages or such for the various choices.
Say you are listening to Vivaldi then click the Smiley when creating a new status update, click Listening to and search for Vivaldi. Then you just need to pick one from the list.
There is one limitation to this excellent feature. You can only attach one Adjective to any status update. So you cannot say you are feeling sad reading The Wasp Factory or feeling tired playing Soccer.
Nice addition though.
I have checked and this does not seem to affect your ‘likes’ but this may be added by FB at a later date. Surprised it isn’t there already.


Small but very welcome tweak.
In fact I’m sure this was there before but stopped working.
Simply click the down arrow on a status update:
Then select Edit Privacy and then you can change the visibility as you wish.

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