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Guest Blogger Jackie Looks At Why Casting Your Little Stinker Might Make Your Movie a Stinker

Some good points here.
Any really good repeated familial connections in movies?

headerWe are pleased to have Jackie from popheadlines.wordpress.com joining us as a guest blogger with her look at how movies that cast kin fare at the box office.

“I know who would be perfect to play my son,” the A-list star says as he tosses a handful of head shots aside. “And, the best part is, he looks exactly like me.” If said star also has a son, chances are you know where this conversation is going.

Mini-me versions of actor Mom, Dad or older brother (I’m looking at you Culkin kids) pop up in films all the time. However, this gimmick is often used in small doses – a quick flashback to Mom’s embarrassing moment in elementary school or the slow reveal of a traumatic moment in Dad’s childhood. It’s the type of cameo that makes the last few minutes of Access Hollywood or shows up as a line…

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One thought on “Guest Blogger Jackie Looks At Why Casting Your Little Stinker Might Make Your Movie a Stinker

  1. Thanks for reblogging! I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂

    Posted by popheadlines | 2013/08/14, 1:43 pm

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