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EU Right to be forgotten

Revisionist or human right?

The recent imposition by the CJEU had led to search engines removing pages from search results at the request of individuals.

The ruling revolves around whether a search engine is a Data Controller and if the presentation of historic data can be seen as a significant (read disproportionate) detriment of the object.

The search engines obviously feel they are not the data controller but the original articles should be considered instead.

The EU judgement ruled that the original articles are not subject to this ruling necessarily if the articles are accurate.

But the results on search engines can disproportionately advance an historic event, as anyone performing searches can readily testify.
That is the context of this ruling.

But the Lords Sub-Committee on Home affairs has questioned the ruling in a modern context.

The main point here is the age of the law involved and the modern “information everywhere” way in which we exist.

Is it fair that a search result on you from 10 years ago is always the top link?

Should you have a right to get search engine results changed because you do not like the results?

Can you get on with life if an event years earlier is so easily accessible to all?

Is it censorship to ask for such items to be deleted?

EU Judgement

Lord’s Statement

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