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Automatic Update vital for Antivirus

The importance of enabling automatic updates has again been highlighted; this time it’s a critical flaw in an antivirus program that needs patching.

Using Symantec Antivirus products and having the “Live Update” enabled – the default –   Will mean the update arrive Monday.  If not it is advised that the president induct update check is run as soon as possible.

Live updates have been unpopular at times as the system background downloads and installs  bug fixes, new features or even entire new versions for software.  In recent years, however, it has become apparent that it is an important step in fighting the “zero day” and nastier critical flaws that creep into products.

Everything from MS Windows, mobile phones, antivirus through to MS Office, graphics cards and even web browsers now include the feature.  There is a small risk of automatic updates disrupting work patterns or not Ben introducing issues (if updates are rushed by the vendor) but it is still highly recommended.


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