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BT Support Calling – NOT

BT Support Calling…

Apparently there is an urgent issue with my Internet!

Wow!  Just got my first scam call for a few years.  They’ve obviously got bored trying to talk older folk and decided to try their luck with a harder target.

When you get an unexpected support call like this the best action is to just hangup!

Ignore any instruction they may give:

  • NEVER give them any information or access to ANYTHING.
  • NEVER go to any links/websites
  • NEVER download any software or apps
  • NEVER delete or amend any files on your device

Although they mainly target PCs/Laptops, versions of the scam are known for mobiles (Android and iPhone) and tablets, even SMART TVs!  Honest!

If you believe you have been scammed contact your bank immediately and report the incident to the authorities/law enforcement.

However, sometimes it’s fun to have a discussion with them.  Be warned though, they can get abusive.

Below is a description of my “support call”.  Seems they were thrown by my use of a Chromebook.
I didn’t do as well as this guy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPFc5mEG2LI.

Nice lady called from a very noisy call centre.
She told me that she was calling from BT support about my Internet.

―― I then clearly and politely inform her that I believe that she has called the wrong person.  I may have laughed.

She then says “No, no.” and explains further.

―― I played alone, though it was hard to hear her at times.

She explains that their servers have detected a problem with my Internet.  She mentions something to do with malicious downloads and that this is affecting their servers. Not sure about the next bit but i think it was something to do with my BT account was being terminated.

―― I presume she meant “Bengal Telcom”, rather than British Telecom.  But nonetheless, I have never had an Internet account with either.

But she can help remove the malicious download and then I won’t be terminated.

―― I continue to play along, very surprised.

She says she will pass me on to a senior colleague who will be able to assist.

―― I state that I understand.

(It then sounds like she walks over to someone and hands them the phone.)

A nice man comes on the line and asks what the lady told me was the problem (I guess they have several scripts to play through).

―― I told him she said something was wrong with my Internet.

He confirms this and says that my device is downloading malicious files.

He lists a series of example devices that could be the issue.

―― I continue to play along.

He asks me if I am in front of my computer.

―― I confirm that I am.

He asks me what kind of computer it is.

―― I reply that I am using a Chromebook.


“A Chromebook?”

―― I confirm this.

“Sorry sir. Use said you are using a Chromebook?”

―― Same response from me.

“Sir, do you have another device or computer connected to your Internet?”

(Again some examples are listed)

―― I reply that no, I just use the Chromebook.


“Sir, we are going to need to reconfigure our servers.”

―― I query this.

“We are going to reconfigure our servers, sir. We will call you back.”

―― I query this, confused.

“Sir, we need to reconfigure our servers. We will call you back in about an hour.”

―― I query this thing about a call back.

“Yes, sir. We will [PAUSE] call you back in an hour. an hour, yes.”

―― I confirm I understand.


At this point I wish I had told him I also had a Kindle!

(No call back yet either…)

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