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Bug Collusion

Why do multiple independent researchers find the same bug at the same time? Multiple teams identified Meltdown and Spectre at the same time. How did that happen? A twenty year old flaw suddenly becomes “interesting “?

After Life: Digital

With the passing of a friend or loved one it becomes hard to imaging life without them. But with a “footprint” stamped across your digital life perhaps none of us are really lost any more?

Forget dead man’s shoes, what about his fingers?

We often make some assumptions about dignity and privacy in death and even about the l efforts that would be put into investigating, say, our murder (if we are that unlucky.) But what happens when these worlds collide? Would you want law enforcement to use your corpse to unlock your phone to aid their investigation? … Continue reading

Social Legitimacy

This week (21/Jul/2016) Twitter extended the verified accounts scheme to allow direct applications. The “blue tick” scheme allows an account to become the official account associated with a brand or individual.  This is a cherished feature in Twitter, especially for celebrity individuals who are often spoofed or targeted by look-a-like accounts.   The process is … Continue reading

Data Retention

We all assume that we can keep information forever in our new digital world. This is not true. Data behind information does corrupt or lose integrity over time.  It can also be attacked and deleted.  There are mechanisms that allow you to know when any of this has happened but when it does there is … Continue reading