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Apple iPod Touch

Several months now into my ownership and I can honestly say that I really, really like this device.  Actually it’s a year!!! Ease of use and the vast application store are the main benefits for me.  The cost of the apps takes me back to my CPC 464 days when all games were under £3. … Continue reading


Well, Rhinitus has been the bane of my life. imagining the little lad with the seven or more handkerchiefs that are by the end of the day a sopping wet? The lad with the nickname “The Nose“. The adolescent who is afraid of sneezing any moment over any date, if she even gets that far … Continue reading

First Posting (ish)

Well, I’ve attempted a blog three times now and never kept it up! Lets hope it is the old fashioned third time lucky! Within you should IF I keep to my intentions find general thoughts on life but also the ramblings of my WoW alter-ego as he hunts around the world simply for adventure.  You’ll … Continue reading