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Guest Blogger Jackie Looks At Why Casting Your Little Stinker Might Make Your Movie a Stinker

We are pleased to have Jackie from popheadlines.wordpress.com joining us as a guest blogger with her look at how movies that cast kin fare at the box office. “I know who would be perfect to play my son,” the A-list star says as he tosses a handful of head shots aside. “And, the best part…

Getting so hard now for Windows XP users to remain safe. Anyone running anything pre 2001 still? OS Warp was pretty cool in its time for example…

Worth reblogging this simply for the photos. Daina’s certainly seems to have a good eye for a working shot.

Some of the best working directors tend to make a film every few years to further ensure they produce the best they have. Along these lines, Daniel Day-Lewis similarly takes on a role just every few years and rarely makes a movie twice in the same year. His commitment to the character and need for…


NASA image depicting water on Earth vs water on Europa. That is a lot of H2O!