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Facebook for iPad

Finally and just a day before iOS 5 is released Facebook have wrangled out the long awaited Facebook for iPad. Actuality, it is a refresh of the iPhone app that also performs appropriately on the iPad. But was it worth the wait?

Facebook: Subscribe (Stalk?)

Curious how things change and yet stay the same. According to Facebook the Subscribe feature is just a natural extension of a ‘hidden’ feature that was already there. But are Facebook making the service too complicated to understand, let alone manage?

Online stalker: could be your nearest and dearest

Who’s watching? Being stalked by some stranger. Leaving an online trail of destruction amongst your friends and family. Inviting other strangers to your home pretending to be you? Only after 3 1/2 years to be revealed to be your most trusted confidant and potential life partner?

Chrome 14: fixes autodetect proxy issues

Just got ther latest version of Chrome, Googles “everywhere” browser. Version 14.0.835.163 m appears to support the “Automatically detect settings” option in Windows. This means that the browser behaves in the corporate envrinment without any silly workarounds, like forcing users to enter the path to the Proxy.Pac or entering the proxies manually. This is a … Continue reading

Micosoft uptime claims investigated

Office 365 claims to be up 99.9%, that’s a downtime of 8 hours 45 minutes 36 seconds per 365 day year. Or 1 minute 26 seconds per day. Recent outages have led to customers calling it “Office 364” but more seriously Microsoft’s infant service is now allegedly under ASA investigation for claims around these figures. … Continue reading