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Never click links in text messages

Never click links in text messages.
Malicious text messages targeting the UK. Continue reading

Amazon post Valentine’s blues

Time will tell but Amazon services in the UK at least are heavily disrupted. Reports coming in of App errors, website failures and Amazon Prime media streaming indicate substantial issue. The lack of holding page or message indicates that this is an unplanned issue. Many causes of course for any outage but in the days … Continue reading

Facebook: Keeping your timeline clean for your Friends

Prompted from a recent post on a friend’s Facebook Timeline I thought I’d review how you can ensure your Timeline is “Clean” and without clutter for your Friends to enjoy. Primarily, this means ensuring your FB apps and linked websites aren’t sending rubbish to your friends constantly. Every time you register a new App it … Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas: An Overview

Well, it’s over. A lot of people are grumbling about the selection of items made available on 12 Days this year. But was it really that bad?

12 Days of iTunes: Day 12

On Twelfth Night of Christmas iTunes gave to me…. Day Twelve Foo Fighters If I’m honest, it was a little bit of a let down that the final instalment from 12 Days of Christmas was another single. Still, Foo Fighters is nearer my choice of music than the other offerings so not all bad. Again … Continue reading