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FBI have $15m of my money?

Hang on, I don’t remember having $15m in the first place!

Password blackmail

Well, this one is just rolling and rolling. Starting in the summer of 2018 some enterprising scammer decided that the vast number of password exposures can be used for a new purpose – directly blackmailing the account holders. These exposures quite often list both the email address and password for some service or other. Perhaps … Continue reading

Security Now: 9th year and still an excellent resource

The latest episode of Security Now shows how much changes and how much stays the same. One reason why Steve Gibson is so well respected  in the IT/IS security field is the depth of his experience, something cannot be replaced or ignored.  A constant over the past 8 years. Then we have security products and … Continue reading

iOS 5: First impressions

Well, after the issues of getting the iOS update onto my iPhone 3GS, was it worth the struggle? Along with some cool extras the are the inevitable missing features and application errors. Pus some odd behaviour.

Facebook: Email Notification changes

Yet another change for Facebook users. This time the communication you receive is being reduced. Facebook will send you a summary of stuff you missed as a sort of catchup opportunity. But don’t worry, you can re-enable all your favourite Facebook spam. Now, if only all the adverts on the website could be spirited away… … Continue reading