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How popular is Facebook?

Wow, My most popular week in blogging by a very large margin. A simple post about a Facebook Spoof and my traffic multiplied ten fold.

Facebook scam: Privacy Notice and Going Public

I’m seeing this one do the rounds at the moment, even via some IT Professions. Relates to UCC 1-103 1-308 and Facebook being floated on the stock market, “going public“.

Day 029: Facebook Apps (continued)

One last option for Facebook Applications. Setting the privacy/visibility of posts from each application!

Day 028: Facebook Apps (continued)

Lots of permissions settings for Apps were shown in the previous look at Facebook. We still have a few more to go though.

Day 027: Facebook Apps

Facebook integration into other services is so, so easy and so, so useful. Yet do we pay attention to the permissions we’ve given those applications?