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Swamp Shark: Buffy grows up, beats up shark.

This very recent production, 2010, was actually a bit of a surprise package. Titles like ‘Swamp Shark’ are normally the exclusive reserve of the Z movies and Zero casts. Yet here we find two of the cast have had past opportunities most actors would grasp and run with. Plus we have an armoured shark. What … Continue reading

Monster: A movie with no redeeming features

Monster First point, this is the production from The Asylum and not any of the multitude of other movies of the same or similar name. Second point, I am urging everyone to please ignore anything by The Asylum. This is truly the worst movie I have seen. I have seen bad films but this… …unless … Continue reading


(ok a digression). A lot of actors can pull out a good performance, but the class and depth and simple ease of the master actor is rare. Vincent Price was one such performer.