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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee: The most fitting tribute

Well, today it was announce that the Palace of Westminster clock tower is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower. That’s the one often, erroneously, called Big Ben.

Anti-Fraud kicks in!

I’m pretty impressed. I made an “out of character” purchase and my bank instantly called me and texted (SMS) me informing me of a potential ‘fraud‘ issue.

Harlekwin.Com is mine!

Well, There you go. A bit of patience and all comes around. I now own: HARLEKWIN.COM . And from now on that is all you need enter into your browser to get to my blog. A small point but I’ve been waiting years for this to become available. Harlekwin – accept no imitation!

Facebook: Security updates

Last week Websense and Facebook announced a partnership in order to protect users from malicious links in the popular social media site. But Facebook have a pretty good page dedicated to security issues of all sorts. Websense Partnership: Firstly, I’ll cover this new enterprise. This looks like an excellent deal. Obviously the end user should … Continue reading

Facebook: Timeline (Developer Preview)

Ok, If you want activate Timeline then read the reference at the bottom. But it’s convoluted and you’d be better off waiting until next week (5th October). This requires Developer status which, unlike Apple, is entirely free but a bit weird. But what will you get with Facebook Timeline??? Read on…