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Bug Collusion

Why do multiple independent researchers find the same bug at the same time? Multiple teams identified Meltdown and Spectre at the same time. How did that happen? A twenty year old flaw suddenly becomes “interesting “?

Large Ransomware attack hits NHS

This will be a story to watch in the commons days as multiple NHS Trusts are reported as closing their doors and shutting IT systems down due to a malware attack. Nurse and doctors are being plagued by a wholly different threat than the usual biological bugs, viruses and so forth.

Three Technologies to improve security online

The sad thing is, these aren’t in your control.

Security Now: 9th year and still an excellent resource

The latest episode of Security Now shows how much changes and how much stays the same. One reason why Steve Gibson is so well respected  in the IT/IS security field is the depth of his experience, something cannot be replaced or ignored.  A constant over the past 8 years. Then we have security products and … Continue reading

iOS 6: Maps

First of my reviews of the changes in iOS 6 from Apple. Reviewed in the order they appeared in the list of changes from Apple… …we have Maps. This short article will look at Apple’s in house replacement for the almost universal alternative, Google Maps.