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101 Dalmatians (1996)

Micro Review 🎥 Excellent cast. Stand out performance from Hugh Laurie. Wonderful comedy. Children and most adults should find something to enjoy in this movie. Favourite scene is with the puppies watching the video game. Recommeded Full review available here.

365 days: a failure

Well, January 1st 2012 saw me attempt to review one movie every day. It didn’t go so well, to be honest… 🎥

Day 099: One Missed Call

👂 What will it sound like when you die? A young woman, Shelley, is dragged into a pond by a hand that reaches out from below. It then grabs the pet cat for good measure. All by itself the girl’s mobile phone starts up and scrolls through contact list. Is this odd event connected to … Continue reading

Day 068: The Pink Panther

Huge and rare pink diamond becomes the target of several thieves, including the famous Phantom. But this time Inspector Clouseau is close on his heels and is determined to capture the jewel thief and end his long criminal career.