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Think of Grandma

Here’s a helpful hint. Never do anything online you won’t do in front of your Gran. Seriously. This stuff can come back and bite you. The embarrassment and harm to your reputation can be severe.

Amazon post Valentine’s blues

Time will tell but Amazon services in the UK at least are heavily disrupted. Reports coming in of App errors, website failures and Amazon Prime media streaming indicate substantial issue. The lack of holding page or message indicates that this is an unplanned issue. Many causes of course for any outage but in the days … Continue reading

Older Android Versions & WebSecurity

A recent request to Google to fix a security flaw in Android got a surprising answer from the tech giant. It raised questions about the security on older versions of Android. But what is “older” and should we be worried?

Petition: Google: Keep Google Reader Running

Petition: Google: Keep Google Reader Running Google announced recently that Google Reader was to be discontinued in July 2013. This excellent service is use in many products such as the wonderful Flipboard. This service needs our support.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee: The most fitting tribute

Well, today it was announce that the Palace of Westminster clock tower is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower. That’s the one often, erroneously, called Big Ben.