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Armistice Day

In Flanders fields

Southern Railway prove Legal Loop hole

Sort of jumped the queue this little rant. For the last ~30,000 years the UK have been slowly emerging from an Ice Age. The ice has receded and land has emerged. Over a period of some 5,000 years forests grew up and eventually animals move into the area. These trees were of two types, evergreens … Continue reading

Grapetiser is bad bad bad

At work we get a £5 subsidised lunch. It’s a generous policy, though those of us who have been there years complain at how the “value” of the £5 has diminished. The range is good; cooked foods and salads, pies and curries, crisps and fizzy drinks, fruit and juices. I’m a pie man myself with … Continue reading

Absolutely Sensless

Well, I haven’t a lot to say on this. I’m posting a YouTube video about the issues of poor driving. When I was 15 a cousin who I was close to died in a traffic accident that was entirely avoidable. She was ok and walking around, seemed fine, but had suffered an undiagnosed brain injury … Continue reading