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Large Ransomware attack hits NHS

This will be a story to watch in the commons days as multiple NHS Trusts are reported as closing their doors and shutting IT systems down due to a malware attack. Nurse and doctors are being plagued by a wholly different threat than the usual biological bugs, viruses and so forth.

After Life: Digital

With the passing of a friend or loved one it becomes hard to imaging life without them. But with a “footprint” stamped across your digital life perhaps none of us are really lost any more?

Three Technologies to improve security online

The sad thing is, these aren’t in your control.

Facebook Scams continue

Just a quick warning. Please always take a closer look at any competition or freebie or such that you come across. Almost all are scams and you may be opening up yourself, your friends and family to fraud or abuse.  Most redirect you to sites designed to convince you to give away information about yourself … Continue reading

Forget dead man’s shoes, what about his fingers?

We often make some assumptions about dignity and privacy in death and even about the l efforts that would be put into investigating, say, our murder (if we are that unlucky.) But what happens when these worlds collide? Would you want law enforcement to use your corpse to unlock your phone to aid their investigation? … Continue reading