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Never click links in text messages

Never click links in text messages.
Malicious text messages targeting the UK. Continue reading

DNS Changer: 9th July 2012: Will you lose connectivity?

IMPORTANT: In 2011 viruses were distributed globally that forced computers to use a network of DNS servers run by a malicious organisation going by the name of Rove Digital. Although the organisation and its infrastructure was taken down by law enforcement authorities, the DNS system they set up had to be temporarily replaced with a … Continue reading

Facebook: Security updates

Last week Websense and Facebook announced a partnership in order to protect users from malicious links in the popular social media site. But Facebook have a pretty good page dedicated to security issues of all sorts. Websense Partnership: Firstly, I’ll cover this new enterprise. This looks like an excellent deal. Obviously the end user should … Continue reading

Certified Security Professional

EC Council && C|EH, Cisco && CCNA Sec, (ISC)2 && CISSP: Earlier this year I was able to take and pass C|EH, Certified Ethical Hacker, from EC Council. The insight this course, thank you Sean Hanna, and certification gave me is invaluable in my career. Although I have been working in many small elements of … Continue reading

Conficker Worm

This is by far the most common worm I see on Windows systems at the moment. If you are watching the network traffic the symptom you will see is that there are calls to the website http://Trafficconverter.biz The worm utilises a flaw in Windows dating back to 2008. This is a classic example of poor … Continue reading